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If you think you can’t fit school into your busy life, consider an online college program at Globe University/Minnesota School of Business. Many of our most successful distance learning students are already juggling amazingly complex sets of responsibilities as they complete 2-year and 4-year degrees.

Advantages of an online degree program:

  • No driving, no parking, no child care — 100% of your time as an online college student will be committed to learning.
  • If you have access to the Internet, you have access to college – online is a solution for active-duty military personnel and business travelers.
  • Need flexibility in scheduling? You can take an online class at midnight or at noon.
  • Want to finish a four-year degree in three? This efficient college model may make it possible.

An MBA, bachelor’s degree or associate degree will increase your career potential. A distance learning/online college program may provide the efficiency you need to make it work.

Our online degree programs

A fully accredited college, 130 years of experience

When evaluating online degree programs, look beyond the course offerings. Find out what value the degree guarantees. Ask specifically about accreditation. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges has accredited Globe University/Minnesota School of Business (GU/MSB) to grant MBA, bachelor and associate degrees.

How long has the college been serving students? Does its online program enhance an already strong tradition of quality in education, or is it a pop-up school, taking advantage of the Internet education market? GU/MSB has provided students with career training for over 130 years. Originally serving students from campuses in Minneapolis and St. Paul, we now have locations throughout the Upper Midwest, and serve students worldwide through online college programs.

Our college supports online learners at every step of the way

At Globe University/Minnesota School of Business we focus on helping students succeed in the classroom and in the professional job market. Since 2000 we have offered degree programs students can complete entirely through online classes. We provide support and resources specifically designed to address the special challenges of distance learning.

The first step: Online course orientation

Before logging on to class for the first time, you will complete an online orientation, learning everything you need to know for distance learning.

Try out Blackboard

Blackboard is the web-based system you’ll use to interact with instructors and fellow students. Sign on to get lectures and assignments from your instructors, and then review the material when the timing is right for you.Experience the online class environment now — log in to a sample course. The username and password are both msbguest.

Discussion boards and instant messaging

Distance learning does not have to be lonely. Have a question about an assignment? Want to share your comments with classmates? Discussion boards and instant messaging tools on Blackboard will allow you to work with and get to know your classmates.

Learning resource centers

Sometimes, the Internet alone simply isn’t enough. To make sure you find the information you need, you’ll have access to our vast online library and other academic web resources. We provide support at sites in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) as well as at our locations in greater Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Online degrees and college classes

Many of our programs can be completed entirely online, others are hybrid and combine online components with classroom sections and labs. Online college degrees granted include the Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Science or Associate in Applied Science in the following areas:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Cosmetology Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Health Care Management
  • Information Technology
  • Paralegal
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Transportation Business

 Getting started: online or on campus enrollment

Whether you are pursuing an MBA degree, a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree, enrolling in Minnesota School of Business Online is easy. You have three convenient options for getting started in one of our accredited online degree programs:

Accounting Programs
  • Accounting - Bachelor
  • Accounting and Tax Specialist - Associate
  • Management - Accounting
Business Programs
  • Business Administrative Assistant
  • Business Management
  • Media Business
  • Sales and Marketing
Business Administration Programs
  • Business Administration
Cosmetology Programs
  • Cosmetology Business
Criminal Justice Programs
  • Criminal Justice - Bachelor
Fitness Studies Programs
  • Health Fitness Specialist
  • Master of Science in Health Fitness Management
Health Care Programs
  • Health Care Management
Information Technology Programs
  • Information Technology
Networking Programs
  • Information Technology - Networking and Security
Paralegal Programs
  • Paralegal
Web Development Programs
  • Information Technology - Web Development
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