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Agricultural Colleges

Agriculture majors can bring you career opportunities in managing farmlands. A degree program in agriculture will teach you the required business skills for working with agricultural resources.

What jobs can you obtain with Agriculture Majors?
With a degree in agriculture you will have a wide variety of jobs to choose from. You have the possibility to work in a specific area of agriculture. In this case your agriculture career can be focused on areas like:
Agricultural technology
Animal science
Soil science
Poultry science
With a degree in agriculture you are also allowed to work in related fields like:
  • Conservation
  • Rural economic development
  • Consulting
  • Food technology
  • Environmental science
Some other typical positions you can occupy if you graduate with a degree in agriculture are:
  • Water quality specialist
  • Feedlot manager
  • Soil scientist
  • Greenhouse manager
  • Pest manager
  • Wildlife manager
  • Turf manager
Job Duties
Your job duties will depend on the position and industry. For example, as a self-employed farmer you will have daily tasks for managing your farm. Some of these farming duties are planting and cultivating. You will also have to feed the livestock and handle the operating systems. Some farms have machineries for seeds and fertilizers.
As an agronomist you will have the ability to create crops to feed the animals or for pharmaceuticals purposes. If you choose to work in forestry you will have to manage forested lands. In case you work for the government you will have to collect samples of soil and water for testing the quality.
Job outlook for a graduate with a degree in agriculture
As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career opportunities in agriculture will experience almost no change in the next coming years. For the self-employed farmers, the BLS predicts less job opportunities. The number of jobs available for agriculture managers is expected to increase.
Advancement opportunities with a degree in agriculture
In order to obtain advancement you can apply for different certification programs for agriculture. These programs are provided by the American Society of Agronomy and the Soil Science Society. Thanks to these certifications you can increase your qualifications and advance in your job.
What income can you have with Agriculture Majors?
As reported by BLS, if you work in agriculture or forestry you can earn around $375 per week. As an agricultural manager you can earn up to $775 per week. If you work as an agricultural inspector you can have an income of $41,170 per year. The annual income for a conservation scientist is around $58,720.
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