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Anthropology Colleges

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 An anthropology degree prepares students for excellent jobs and opens doors to many different career paths. Anthropologists have traditionally worked in higher educational institutions, teaching and researching, but today there are many other career options for trained anthropologists. Anthropologists work in practically every environment and setting imaginable. They can be found working in large corporations such as Intel and GM or studying primates in Africa. Anthropologists work in deserts, cities, schools, even in underwater archaeological sites or as forensic anthropologists in crime labs. There are not many limits on career choices for anthropologists. Most jobs filled by non-academic anthropologists don't mention the word anthropologist in the job announcement; such positions are broadly defined to attract researchers, evaluators and project managers. Anthropologists' unique training and perspective enable them to compete successfully for these jobs. Whatever the job title, anthropologists find that their research and analytical skills lead to a wide variety of career options, ranging from the oddly fascinating to the routinely bureaucratic.

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