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Information is plentiful but effective business communications can be rare. Honing print and verbal communication skills are vital for the fast paced business environment, both for individuals involved in mass communications and for those involved in day-to-day activities. You may be well suited to this course of study if clear, concise communication appeals to you.

Overview of the Degree
The Communication Arts Bachelor's Degree equips graduates to successfully communicate in images, writing and speech to convey a certain message to an intended audience. Individuals who graduate with this degree will have the following skills:
  • Writing Newsletters
  • Writing Web Content
  • Writing Software Manuals
  • Writing/ Reporting the News
  • Running Internet Communications
  • Conveying a Company's Corporate Mission
  • Public Relations
Expertise in this field will allow an individual to work in many areas, including business, public relations, broadcast news, journalism, film, television and Internet communications to successfully manage communications to the target audience. Individuals with this degree will typically be the expert voice the public hears on situations or stories.
Typical Career Opportunities
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • News Analyst
  • Technical Writer
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics a public relations specialist earned a median annual salary of $43,830, while a news analyst earned a median annual salary of $31,320, and a technical writer earned a median salary of $53,490 a year. As with many jobs, experience, technical ability, company an individual works for, and specialization can all play large roles in an individual's salary and opportunity for advancement. As previously mentioned, the number of fields in which an individual can speccialize are abundant.
Potential Job Market
The employment outlook for individuals in this field is expected to grow at or around the national average. Opportunities for public relations specialist are predicted to grow much faster than the national average due to the competitive business environment and subsequent demand to create a comprehensive public persona. On the other hand, technical writing is predicted to grow on par with the national average through the year 2014. Prospects will be best for those who write in areas like law, medicine and economics. As a whole, since there are so many applications for this degree, the potential job market for this field is thought to be strong.
Classes for this degree may include the following:
  • Writing and Editing
  • Speech Communication
  • Introduction to Mass Communications
  • Business and Professional Speaking
  • Origins of Visual Communication
  • Reporting
  • Print Media
  • Basic Communication Arts Software and More
Coursework will cover the art of communication so that an individual will be prepared to serve as the voice to the public. Students can expect internship opportunities for this field.
Summary of a Communication Arts Bachelor's Degree
A Communication Arts Bachelor's Degree provides individuals with the skills necessary to successfully communicate in images, writing and speech to convey a certain message to an intended audience. Quick-minded and adroit communicators will excel in this field.
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