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Construction Contractor Career Summary

In some cases there are construction contractors that may not have to do any physical labor that goes into the actual construction.  Typically construction contractors orchestrate and direct all details of a construction project by designing, hiring, budgeting, building permits, adhering to safety codes, project completion time and quality assurance.  There are some construction contractors that will be hired to oversee the progress of possibly one specific building task such as, electrical or plumbing.  Construction contractors will work odd hours as they are expected to be available at a variety of times and be ready to solve any problems that may arise with the building or construction site.  Some contractors own their own business and others choose to work for engineering companies, government agencies or architectural firms.

Construction Contractors Job Forecast

For those seeking to go into the construction industry there is good news for job growth.  It is reported that there will be approximately a 16% growth for the coming years.  It appears that the need for skilled construction managers will exceed the number of qualified professionals in this field through the year 2016, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The average available opportunities will be created by the increasing commercial and residential building along with the amount of people that will be leaving this industry due to retiring.  In addition, the government will need people to build and renovate infrastructures that are worn out and need replacing.  In May of 2006, it was reported that construction contractors earn an average annual salary of around $73,700 and that depends largely upon the project size and location.

Construction Contractor Education and Training Prerequisites

As mentioned earlier, it is recommended that individuals aspiring to become a construction contractor earn a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Construction Science or a similar subject.  There is another avenue to consider and that would be to earn an Associate of Science in Construction Technology or Construction Management.  In today’s world those construction contractors that have both formal education and actual work experience are who most employers are interested in hiring.  In some cases construction contractors may begin working as a laborer and then move up the ladder into a more skilled position.

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