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What Will An Associate’s Degree In Criminal Justice Corrections Do For Me?

Students looking for a career in the Criminal Justice corrections system need to have certain basic training when it comes to the law. An Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice Corrections is precisely the type of course that will provide this training with graduates qualified to work in various correctional institutions such as open prisons or the harsher confines of maximum security penitentiaries. This degree gives students the basic skills required to deal with inmates.

What Topics Are Covered On The Course And What Skills Are Learned?

Working in a correctional facility requires a certain level of training and this course provides students with a variety of courses, each designed to prepare them for the worthy challenge ahead. Examples of some of the classes on the course include:

  • Stress and Crisis Management
  • Sociology
  • Human Relations
  • Communications
  • Computer Literacy
  • Security Procedures
  • How To Interview Inmates
  • Criminal Justice and Adult Institution Supervision

An Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice Corrections is also designed to give students the greatest number of skills possible which are necessary when working with criminals. Some of the skills learned on the course include:

  • Psychology
  • Critical Thinking
  • Crisis Management and Resolution
  • Criminal Law
  • Corrections Security
  • Legal Ethics
  • Report Writing
  • Stress Management

Why Should I Take This Course?

The purpose of an Associate’s Degree is to provide students with a reasonable base from which they can go on and study at a higher level. An Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice Corrections enables students to go forward and use their skills in a correctional facility where they will be qualified to deal with inmates. An essential part of this course involves teaching students how to react in emergency situations which are part and parcel of correctional institution life.

How Much Will I Earn And What Are My Employment Prospects?

The size of the institution where you will work dictates the level of salary. The United States Department of Labor states that correctional officers earn an annual salary of approximately $45,000. However, this figure relates to those who work for the Federal Government with State Government employees earning $11,000 less per annum. Local government employee earn around $33,000 a year with workers in private prisons earning $27,000 a year.

There are more prisons being built in the United States which naturally require extra staff. Qualified employees are being actively sought out which increases the job prospects. There is unlikely to be a situation where a qualified employee will be out of work for long due to the industry’s high turnover rate. Those with Associate’s Degrees in Criminal Justice Corrections are usually fast tracked which means they receive promotions quicker than employees without qualifications.

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