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The realm of fashion and retail management is complex, combining the world of fashion with the world of business. This field is a good starting point for individuals who want to break into the world of fashion. Individuals in this field will be prepared to work with a wide array of fashion essential tasks including sales, retail merchandising and fashion design, all with an eye on running their own business.

Overview of the Degree

The Fashion and Retail Management Bachelor's Degree equips graduates to succeed in the world of fashion with the accompanying facet of running a business. Graduating individuals will possess the following skills:

  • Fashion Design
  • Business Management
  • Business Accounting
  • Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Advertising and More

Expertise in this field allows an individual to create fashion collaborations with top level designers specifically for their business and they can bring their style and fashion sense to the general public's eye. Individuals with this degree will be able to walk the line between fashion design and running their own business.

Typical Career Opportunities

There are a growing number of career opportunities for individuals in this field. Some options include:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Retail Store Owner
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Stylist
  • Visual Merchandiser

According to, an individual who pursues a career as a fashion designer can earn between $28,395 and $60,117 annually, while a visual merchandiser can earn around $92,970 a year, and, according to the US Department of Labor, a retail manager can earn approximately $72,450 a year. This field can be highly lucrative and rewarding for individuals who pursue it; as with most fields, experience, technical ability, company for which an individual works and location can all be large factors in an individual's salary and opportunity for advancement. Additionally, creativity and ingenuity will play large factors in the success on both the fashion and business side of the venture.

Potential Job Market

The outlook for employment opportunities in this field is good with job opportunities predicted to meet the national average; however, this can be misleading because many individuals in this field are working as entrepreneurs and therefore have almost limitless potential for growth in the industry. Importantly, this field is very hard to master because it takes a working knowledge in two industries. Those who have pursued their degree in this course of study will be more likely to be exposed to training for both areas and therefore, they will have an advantage over their untrained counterparts.


Classes for this degree may include the following:

  • Retailing
  • Fashion Art Theory
  • Drawing for Fashion
  • Retail Fashion Management
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing for Retail
  • Retail Advertising
  • Branding
  • Fashion Design and More

Coursework will cover the fundamentals of running a successful business along with the creative applicable side of fashion and marketing.

Summary of a Fashion and Retail Management Bachelor's Degree

A Fashion and Retail Management Bachelor's Degree provides individuals with the skills necessary to succeed in the world of fashion with the accompanying facet of running a business. Creative, quick-minded individuals will excel in this field.

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