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 If you enjoy the live interactive side of what makes companies tick--recruiting, hiring, and retaining employees--then you may be well suited to a Human Resources career. Individuals in this field are responsible for bringing the right employees into a company setting and making sure that they remain satisfied in their new positions. Human Resource specialists provide the human framework for all of the projects and successes of a company.

Overview of the Degree

The Human Resources Bachelor's Degree Program enables graduates to employ strategic planning, resource allocation and personnel management to ensure the right mix of employees, maintaining performance and overall satisfaction of those involved. Individuals who possess this degree will have the following skills:

  • Job Classification
  • Hiring and Application Screening
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Training Management
  • Performance Analysis
  • Benefit Management
  • Organization Planning and More

Expertise in this area allows an individual to perform various duties including recruiting prospective employees, recording employee training records and analyzing performance, and creating promotions for various employment programs. Individuals with this degree will bring together the teams and the organization that makes the work the company does possible.

Typical Career Opportunities

There are a wealth of career opportunities for individuals in this field. Some options for employment include:

  • Job Analysis Specialist
  • Training Specialist
  • Recruiter

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a job analysis specialist will make a median annual salary of $47,490, while an individual who becomes a training specialist or recruiter will earn a median annual salary of $44,570 and $41,190 respectively. As with many occupations, experience, technical ability, and company for which an individual works can all largely affect salary and opportunities for advancement. This degree program provides a versatile skill set that is applicable across a variety of companies and industries. Individuals who pursue this degree will be highly marketable.

Potential Job Market

Employment prospects for this field are strong. Employment opportunities across the board are predicted to outpace the national average for job growth. Individuals who specialize in any of the three aforementioned areas--job analysis, training, and recruiting--should see markedly good prospects for employment. All companies need Human Resource Specialists. Many employment opportunities are predicted to arise because of overall growth in the industry along with previous employees leaving the field to seek alternate employment. As a result, freshly trained individuals should have access to a wealth of new prospects.


Classes for this degree may include the following:

  • Human Resources Planning
  • Labor Law
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Information Management
  • Quantitative Analysis and More

Coursework for this degree will cover the business side of employment along with the human element of successfully staffing a business.

Summary of a Human Resources Bachelor's Degree Program

A Human Resources Bachelor's Degree Program provides individuals with the skills necessary to employ strategic planning, resource allocation and personnel management to ensure the right mix of employees, maintaining performance and overall satisfaction of those involved. Organized individuals with keen insight will excel in this field.

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