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Human Services Associate Degree Program Profile

In a Human Services Associate’s Degree program students will study therapeutic and rehabilitative practices to work with those with problems of an emotional, societal, psychological, physical or developmental nature. Students also gain a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary practice of human services and the logistics of the management of human services providers in a professional setting. Internships are often an essential part of this degree to gain important hands-on experience in the field.

Human Services Associate Degree Career Options

Typical Employment

Graduates from a Human Services Associate’s Degree program usually continue on to pursue one of the following careers. They are listed below accompanied by their median annual income as provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( for May 2004:

  • Social Worker: $39,440
  • Counselor: $45,570
  • Social and Human Services Assistant: $24,270

Employment Outlook

According to reports by the BLS, the demand for social workers is expected to increase faster than the national average until at least the year 2014. This increase in employment opportunity is due to the rapidly expanding healthcare and elderly care industries. The demand for counselors in this industry is expected to increase more quickly than the national average, and the employment of social and human services assistants is expected to increase much faster than the national average through at least the year 2014.

Human Services Associate Degree Specifics


Coursework for this degree program varies depending on the educational establishment, but typically includes classes such as introduction to human services, survey of psychology and sociology, abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, child psychology, crisis intervention, and others.

Skills Obtained

Upon completion of this Associate’s Degree program, students should be able to provide professional level support for those with a variety of problems and disorders, have acquired an understanding of the typical practice of human services in today's society, plan and execute a long-term human services program, provide individual and group counseling and more.

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