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Marketing Colleges

 A Bachelor's Of Business Administration in Marketing is a degree path that equips students with a solid understanding of business practices, as well knowledge related to specific topics such as the psychology of purchase decisions, and successful project management.

Courses of Study for BA in Marketing

Due to the extensive amount of knowledge gained by successful graduates, students will be required to enroll in courses for advertising, economics and target audience analysis, in addition to management-oriented courses designed to teach customer service skills as well as methods to increase employee productivity. For students who feel compelled to conduct business globally, several schools offer international business courses within this degree.

Outcome For Successful Graduates:

Those who successfully complete this program of study should feel that they have gained the necessary tools to enter the business world and demonstrate their ability to be competent players in  both public and private sectors. They should also feel well prepared to both seek, and promote profitable business opportunities, allowing them to become entrepreneurs or executive managers if desired.

Salary Expectations:

Recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show a salary range of $34,000-89,000 for graduates with this degree.  Although salaries vary in accordance with specific careers, economic projections indicate that jobs in the sales and marketing industries will increase at a faster than average rate when compared with other fields, so savvy individuals with this educational background should have the tools to successfully navigate through inevitable economic instabilities

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