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A picture can capture thoughts and ideas but animation imbues life to them. The discipline of Multimedia and Animation involves designing and creating captivating characters, landscapes, and special effects across a variety of media sources, including movies, television, and web design. A Multimedia and Animation Bachelor's Degree focuses first on capturing the appropriate image and then manipulating that image through editing and animation to achieve the desired effect.

Overview of the Degree

The Multimedia and Animation Bachelor's Degree prepares graduates to capture and manipulate/animate digital images for the sake of creating new digital media and animations. This degree will provide an individual with the following skills:

  • 3D modeling
  • Digital Imaging
  • Web Design
  • Use of Industry Standard Equipment and Technology

Experts in this field will be well acquainted with the cutting-edge technology that shapes today's industry standards. Additionally, an individual will be able to take animation projects from concept to reality using their aforementioned skills.

Typical Career Opportunities

The number of career opportunities is vast because of the wide ranging application of this degree. Some opportunities include:

  • Animator: $50,360
  • Multimedia Artist: $50,360
  • Web Designer: $59,480

Individuals with this degree will be prepared to work in industries such as the motion picture industry,advertising or in systems design. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an animator and a multimedia artist both made a median annual salary of $50,360, while a web designer made a median annual salary of $59,480. As with many industries, experience, technical expertise and company an individual works for will largely affect the salary. Often times further education and an increased specialization will also lead to increased opportunities for advancement.

Potential Job Market

Outlook for jobs in this field is good, with jobs availability predicted to grow as fast or faster than the national average. Prospects will be especially good for web designers because the market for Internet based advertising and video production is soaring. The potential for the Internet in these categories has yet to tap into its full potential. Competition for salary and jobs is predicted to be especially relentless for Animators and the like in this industry. Even individuals who choose to pursue the self-directed route of freelancing will find that competition is particularly steep; however, this is a growing industry and individuals who can distinguish themselves with experience and technical ability will have good opportunities for employment and advancement.


Classes for this degree may include the following:

  • Typography/Computer System Skills
  • Design Basics
  • Digital Imaging
  • Digital Publishing for Print
  • Web Design
  • Digital Video Editing
  • Intro to Animation and More

Coursework will be largely focused on animation arts and technologies involved in those processes. Additionally, courses will focus on how to best integrate animation into various media and industries.

Summary of a Multimedia and Animation Bachelor's Degree

A Multimedia and Animation Bachelor's Degree equips individuals with the skills necessary to capture and manipulate/animate digital images for the sake of creating new digital media and animations. Individuals with this degree use their creative skills to work across a variety of media.

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