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This program will enable students to learn more about the goings on at a legal office and will teach them how to manage the myriad of activities that legal assistants etc. are expected to deal with on a daily basis. The job description of paralegals, legal assistants and legal secretaries includes typing and preparing legal documents as well as general management of the office. This course provides students with skills such as Accounting and knowledge about how to use legal office software. The majority of educational institutions carrying this program will also have an internship as part of course. This is designed to give students an understanding of how a legal office works in practice as well as gaining valuable experience.

Potential Salary And Employment Options

In general, graduates of this program can expect to become a legal assistant, legal secretary or paralegal. The U.S Bureau of Labor’s Statistics (BLS) research shows that paralegals and legal assistants can expect to earn virtually the same salary at $39,000 per annum with legal secretaries earning a respectable $36,000 a year.

The BLS also believes that the job prospects for the above careers are extremely good. They estimate that there will be a large number of vacancies for many years to come because there are more legal cases than lawyers can comfortably handle at present. This means that everyday tasks cannot be completed by them so they have to hire assistants to make sure the office runs smoothly.

What You Will Learn On This Program

Some of the subjects students will study during their Legal Office Associate’s Degree program include:

  • Computer Legal Applications
  • Typing
  • Office Administration
  • Legal Research

Once you have successfully completed the course, skills like having the ability to maintain order in any legal office and preparing legal documents with computer legal applications will become second nature. 

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