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 The advent of Internet booking sites has transformed the Travel and Tourism industry; however, their abundance and complexity creates a greater need for the services of a personal travel agent to help sift through them. Individuals who hold a Hospitality Management: Travel and Tourism Bachelor's Degree can often provide the human touch to a somewhat automated industry.

Overview of the Degree

The Hospitality Management: Travel and Tourism Bachelor's Degree prepares graduates to help customers make the most advantageous travel plans based on cost, time, and the like. Individuals with this degree will learn the following skills:

  • Account Management
  • Employee Management
  • Organize Tours, Package Vacations, Cruises, and the Like
  • Book Trips
  • Plan Meetings
  • Technology Integration and More

Expertise in this field allows an individual to use the latest in computer technology to weed through the overwhelming amount of deals that present themselves to customers and help make the best choice. The efforts of these individuals insures smooth and enjoyable travel plans for their customers.

Typical Career Opportunities

There are a number of available career opportunities in this field. Some options include:

  • Travel Agents
  • Travel Guides/Tour Operators
  • Meeting and Convention Planners

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for an individual who chooses to pursue a career as a travel agent would be around $27,640, while an individual who becomes a meeting and convention planner makes a median annual salary of $39,620. As with most professions, experience, technical ability, and company an individual works for can all be large factors in an individual's salary and opportunities for advancement. Many individuals in this field go on to open their own business, in which case they would largely be responsible for setting their own salary.

Potential Job Market

The prospects for employment in this field are good with employment growth predicted to be at or around the national average. Prospects will be best for meeting and convention planners, as their specialization is expected to grow faster than the national average due to increased demands from businesses and organizations holding work meetings in off-site comfortable environments. Additionally, travel guides will experience a slower growth than the national average with keen competition for most jobs. Those individuals trained to use the latest in Internet technology to aid their craft will be best equipped for success.


Classes for this degree may include the following:

  • Introduction to Tourism
  • International Tourism
  • Travel and Tourism Systems
  • Travel Industry Law
  • Destinations and Cultures
  • Managing Tourism Services
  • Tour Production and Distribution and More

Classes will focus on the fundamentals of booking and producing an enjoyable experience. In addition, there are a number of internship opportunities for this degree.

Summary of a Hospitality Management: Travel and Tourism Bachelor's Degree

A Hospitality Management: Travel and Tourism Bachelor's Degree provides individuals with the skills necessary to help customers make the most advantageous travel plans based on cost, time, and the like. Computer savvy individuals who are good at customer service will excel in this field.


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