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History and Purpose: A Foundation For The Future
Reid State Technical College was created by the Alabama State Legislature through a State statute on May 3, 1963. Through this enabling legislation, the College was chartered to provide citizens of the area greater and equal access to postsecondary education to help provide a trained work force for area employers to assist in the economic development of the area.
Local support for the establishment of the College was provide by the City of Evergreen with the donation of 26 acres of land in north Evergreen at the intersection of Interstate 65 and state Highway 83, which became the institution's main campus. From this campus, the College has provided quality postsecondary education programs for the College's main service area, which includes Conecuh, Monroe, and Escambia counties and portions of Butler, Covington and Wilcox counties. In 1981 Reid State established an off-site location in the city of Atmore for the College's Practical Nursing program.
The architectural firm of Carl H. Lancaster, Jr., Montgomery, Alabama, designed and supervised construction of the main campus facilities consisting of the administration building, seven shops and laboratory buildings, and a warehouse. The Wiley Salter Auditorium and Administration Building was completed in 1986 and 1990 major renovations were initiated for the creation of a learning center and high tech training laboratories for specialized training in computer software applications, programmable logic controllers, and instrumentation systems. In 1993 and 1994 major renovations were conducted for the creation of a modern practical nursing facility to more closely resemble clinical facilities. In 1995 the cosmetology department was renovated and expanded.

History Notes

1997:  State of the art equipment was integrated into the Commercial Truck  Driving program.  1998 Freightliner tractors and 53’ Trailmobile vans were implemented for students as they prepare for the commercial driver’s licensure road and written exams.  

For the first time since 1966, the Cosmetology Department has been relocated into a new facility.  The new facility provides “Cutting Edge” technology in a trend setting salon.  An Open House of the new facility will be held the week of February 23.  

Computer Technology has been integrated into numerous departments at Reid State.  A Supercomputer with Internet and e-mail capabilities have been implemented throughout the campus.  The General Education Department has expanded with a multimedia computer lab.   These facilities allow students to improve remedial areas utilizing computer software in a self-paced atmosphere.  Office Systems Technology is currently setting up a new computer lab with internet access for students.  

As the Welfare-to-Work program began throughout Alabama, Reid State began a Job Readiness program.  This new area assists clients that have been on the welfare rolls to integrate into the job marked through job readiness  and life skills.  

1998 Reid State along with the Alabama College System colleges will be enrolling students in  a semester system.  All career/occupational programs were completely revised at the state level to facilitate transfer and consistency among colleges as well as to ensure that skills required for the 21st century workforce are integrated into the curriculum.  New program titles, curriculum, and lengths will be implemented during fall semester enrollment.  

1999 Accomplishments:  The beginning of 1999 was utilized to prepare for the June visit of the Commission on Education accreditation team which was comprised of members from four states.  College personnel were rewarded for the numerous hours spent on this process by receiving an outstanding performance report from the visiting team members.  Reid State Technical College was one of the first institutions to receive no recommendations. 

A national award was presented to a Reid State College welding graduate when Matthew Barnett won the Association of Builders and Contractor’s Craft Olympics in Maui, Hawaii.  Barnett competed against welders from throughout the United States for this honor.

A state of the art paint booth was installed in the Collision Repair department.  The 100% environmentally friendly booth meets all EPA and OSHA regulations.  It is a complete downdraft system with heating and cooling capacities.

Industrial Electricity/Electronics was updated to include new offices, computer workstations, and a high tech lab area.  

An associate degree in Child Development and Education will be added to the curriculum.   This program will begin in May.
An associate degree in Child Development and Education was added to the curriculum.  

Computer Technology has been integrated campus wide at Reid State.  A Supercomputer with Internet and e-mail capabilities is available to all students.  

The General Education Department has expanded with a multimedia computer lab which allows Compass testing for new students.   Students may also improve remedial areas utilizing computer software in a self-paced atmosphere access for students.  

The Commercial Truck Driving program at Reid State Technical College has incorporated an automated truck transmission training simulator into the five week day or nine week weekend training course.  Thomas Miller, CDL instructor, states, ““According to the GE I-Sim corporation, manufacturer of the simulator,  this is the only automated driving simulator in Alabama.  The simulator will be used for students during the basic control time prior to placing them in the cab on the driving range.  The simulator will allow students to learn the basics quickly, experience fewer problems adjusting to a variety of equipment, and increase shifting skills prior to getting on the road in an actual tractor trailor”.  

The simulator helps new and experienced drivers reduce fuel costs and reduce equipment wear and tear while teaching drivers good habits that improve safety.

Proper gear shifting for a variety of transmissions pulling an assortment of loads over a wide range of grades can be experienced from the safety and convenience of the classroom.

The TranSim training simulator allows students to experience more than 280 engines, 140 transmissions, 33 different axle ratios, 300 tire sizes, and road grade changes with programmable weight options.

The engine simulations include the most popular engines in today’s tractors which include Cummins, Cat, Detroit Diesel, Mack, Volvo and Ford.  The more than 140 transmissions include 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speeds in various patterns.

Reid State Technical College is proud to announce its achievement of accreditation for the business unit through the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.  Our institution conducted an extensive self-study of its business programs and described their compliance with the rigorous accreditation standards of ACBSP.  A team of program evaluators visited our institution to validate compliance with the ACBSP standards.  The self-study material, the report of the program evaluators, and the written response to the program evaluator’s report by our president were all reviewed by the appropriate Board of Commissioners, an independent body, and the Commissioners made the determination that the accreditation standards were satisfactorily met.

CISCO Certification Network Associate Certification classes are offered by Reid State Technical College at the Brewton Center for Telecommunications Technology in Brewton.  This is a two semester 27 semester credit hour certificate program in computer science which prepares graduates to enter the job market as network support specialists.  Current classes meet on Monday and Wednesday.

Courses to complete certificate requirements are CISCO I, II, III, and IV, introduction to computers, networking technologies

The Alabama Commission of Higher Education has approved Reid State’s application for an Associate of Applied Technology degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS).  Prior to this approval, CIS was a certificate program.

RSTC in partnership with the Conecuh County Board of Education is offering dual enrollment classes at the prior Career Technical Center.  Funding issues and scheduling conflicts had caused enrollment to drop in vocational classes offered through the high school. Workforce development classes for high school students as well as the general public will be offered at this facility.  The fall semester began with two programs being offered at this site (health occupations & child care).  Additional programs are being developed for spring semester classes.

RSTC plans to construct a state of the art library to house instructional programs, a media/technology center, and provide space for other activities and performing arts.  The new library/technology center has a projected completion date of Fall of 2006 with 23,660 feet of additional space.   Features will include an 87 seat tiered classroom/lecture hall; a 24 seat computer lab; executive offices, administration offices, a conference room, group study rooms, a 48 seat classroom; carrels and a casual reading space.    

Mrs. Edith A. Gray has been recommended as the namesake for the proposed library and technology center at Reid State Technical College.  Her entire 42 year professional teaching career was spent in Conecuh County at the Conecuh County Training School (Thurgood Marshall) and Evergreen High School.  With the approval of state board member, Ella Bell, Mrs. Gray’s name was recommended during the work session of the Alabama State Board of Education on Thursday, January 08, 2004.  Approval for the naming of the facility is expected to be finalized at the January 22, 2004 board meeting.
A groundbreaking for the new library and technology center is planned for Wednesday, January 21, 2004.  


Reid State Technical College and the Conecuh County Board of Education have entered into a lease agreement to hold classes at the prior Career Technical Center.

Hillcrest High School students have an opportunity to enroll for dual high school and college credit in two new program areas.  Reid State Technical College offers Introduction to Health Occupations and Early Child Care and Education to eligible Hillcrest High School students.   Monday, November 3, Reid State Technical College opened the newly renovated Cosmetology department at the Workforce Development Center. 

Focused Industry Training Sites Open
Focused Industry Training (FIT) is a new training program that prepares graduates to meet the demands of current and future Alabama employers.  FIT creates career pathways to skilled jobs for people with limited education and employment experience.  The program is managed by Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT) in partnership with postsecondary education.
Reid State Technical College opened two FIT sites at Workforce Training Centers in Evergreen and Greenville.  The Workforce Training Center in Evergreen is located in the (old AVC building) next to Hillcrest High School. The Greenville Workforce Training Center is located two (2) doors down from the Fred’s Department store in the Greenville Bypass shopping mall.  Both sites began classes in April 2004.  

Busby Named for Commercial Driver's License Classroom  

A new CDL classroom was completed on the truck driving range.  The building will be named the Stanley Busby CDL Classroom and Technology Center.  Mr. Stanley Guy Busby served as a truck driving instructor at Reid State for a number of years.  Mr. Busby was a resident of Repton.
A dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday, April 29 at Reid State Technical to dedicate the Stanley G. Busby Memorial Multipurpose Classroom.  The Busby family present included his wife, Norieta, and their eight children:   Carol, Mary, George, Catherine, Debra, Henry, Heather, and Sue.  Eleven of the thirteen grandchildren and four of the five grandchildren were present for the ceremony.  The brothers and sisters of Stanley G. Busby: Grady, Larry, Billie Jackson, and Jackie Brown were also present.

Monday, December 12, 2005
Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting ~ 10:00 a.m.
The state of the art library houses computer instruction systems, a media/technology center, and provide space for other activities and performing arts.  The new library/technology center has 23,660 feet of additional space.   Features include an 87 seat tiered classroom/lecture hall; a 24 seat computer lab;  administration offices, a conference room, group study rooms, a 48 seat classroom; carrels and a casual reading space.

Reid State Technical College initiated the new nursing curriculum fall semester, 2005. While the admission of new students was challenging using the new criteria, the process was viewed as a way to produce better outcomes and improve NCLEX passage rates. The practical nursing program admitted 121 new students, had 27 returning seniors, and admitted 21 pre-nursing students for remediation preparation for LPN enrollment. Eleven graduates enrolled in night classes (BIO 201, ENG 101, and MTH 116) in pursuit of a RN degree. The nursing assistant program has twenty-five new students with many planning to enroll in the practical nursing program upon completion of the NAS certificate. LPN graduates transition into a RN program anywhere in Alabama without enrolling in additional coursework provides a career mobility plan for students interested in health career careers and has proven beneficial to recruitment of nursing applicants. 

As of June 2005, a total of 50 students attended Focused Industry Training (FIT) and 35 students received an Alabama Certified Worker Certification and gained employment with 21 employers.  Eighty percent of the students who completed the program gained employment.  Twenty percent of the students who completed the program are enrolled in postsecondary institutions.  Fifty percent of the students not receiving certification are employed.  Focused Industry Training classes are held day and evening in Evergreen.  Day classes are held in Greenville.  The free classes provide skills training for certification in numerous skill sets for employment in Alabama industries.

In 2006, Reid State added a robotics course to the Industrial Electronics/Electricity (ILT) program. The robotics course will provide the students with working knowledge of industrial automated processes where robots are being used with the latest technology to manufacture products for today and the future. The students will learn the basic mechanics of the industrial robots, along with the programming of the robots by actually working with physical robot trainers in the ILT lab. Industrial Electricity and Electronics is in the process of transferring to a new site on campus.   Robotics has been incorporated into the ILT curriculum.  The renovated area will include a classroom, two computer labs and an open lab for robotics programming training.
A RN mobility program was introduced in the fall semester which allows LPN students to transfer credits throughout the Alabama College System. Upon graduation from LPN, graduates may advance their education toward a registered nurse’s degree with automatic transfer of credit.
The Health Care Services division of Reid State implemented phlebotomy in 2006.  The phlebotomy course is a one semester, five-credit hour (13 contact hours) course that prepares graduates to write the Phlebotomist Certification Examination. The course consists of 1 credit hour (1 contact hour) of theory, 1 credit hour (3 contact hours) of laboratory, and 3 credit hours (9 contact hours) of clinical for a total of 195 contact hours (5 credit hours) per semester Computer Information Systems has implemented curriculum changes to allow students to prepare for exams and Certification for: Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), CompTIA A+, Comp TIA Security +, and Comp TIA Network +.  A request for approval has been completed to serve as a test site on campus in order for graduates and community residents to sit for the exam at Reid State.


Admissions and Records

Admission policies at Reid State College are administered by the Student Affairs Division which operates under the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

The Office of Admissions and Records is responsible for interpreting and implementing Alabama State Board Policy as well as federal, state, and local laws and policies in regard to admission of students to the College and the maintenance of academic records.


Procedures For Making Application For Admissions

1. A student must request an application for admission from the Office of Student Services which must be completed and submitted to the college, either in person or by mail, at least two weeks prior to start of the semester.

2. All applications are to submit an official high school transcript or GED, and college transcript(s) prior to final acceptance. Proof of registration for Selective Service for males 18-26 years of age, and proof of in-state residency is required.

3. Students planning to apply for financial aid should make an appointment with the Financial Aid Director to complete a Pell Grant application. Pell Grants should be electronically filed by the student.

4. When the above forms are received and properly completed, they will be processed and approved or disapproved, and the applicant will be notified of his/her status.

5. All admitted students are required to take the COMPASS placement exam prior to registration for more than 4 credit hours. An exam schedule can be obtained from the Testing Coordinator.

6. Students who do not have  a high school diploma or GED may enroll in selected programs. However, the student must pass the Ability-to-Benefit test prior to being admitted to the college. A testing schedule may be obtained from the Testing Coordinator


Automotive Programs
  • Autobody, Collision and Repair Technology, Technician
Childcare Programs
  • Child Care and Support Services Management
Computer Science Programs
  • Computer and Information Sciences
Construction Programs
  • Carpentry, Carpenter
  • Mason and Masonry
Cosmetology Programs
  • Cosmetology
  • Cosmetology and Related Personal Grooming Arts
Electronics Programs
  • Industrial Electronics Technology, Technician
Interdisciplinary Programs
  • Multi Interdisciplinary Studies
Nursing Programs
  • Nurse, Nursing Assistant, Aide and Patient Care Assistant
Nursing LPN Programs
  • Vocational Licensed Practical Nurse LPN
Office Professional Programs
  • Administrative Assistant and Secretarial Science
Truck Driving Programs
  • Truck and Bus Driver - Commercial Vehicle Operation
Welding Programs
  • Welding Technology, Welder
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